The Visitor

"V = Vivacious, Visceral and Vital.
A Vision a Voyeur can live Vicariously through.
A Vow a Voice so instantly Vintage it could never be in Vein.
Ladies and gentleman, answer your doors...you have a Visitor"
- Cee-Lo Green

Grammy Award-winning artist and the judge of NBC’s hit singing competition, The VoiceCee-Lo Green presents his striking artist & powerful singer/songwriter, “V” Bozeman, via:  “THE VISITOR” — a glamorously intimate video trailer inviting everyone to experience her originality.

Cee-Lo Green signed his protégé “V” to his production company, Eight Entertainment earlier this year. Green has been a mentor and major influence to “V” during her musical journey — in March 2012, “Vperformed with Cee-Lo at the Kodak Theater in LA, as well as the 2011 Essence Music Festival, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and the Sonar Sau Paulo Festival in Brazil.

Along with modeling, “V” is the face of the Lexus web mini-series, Fresh Perspectives. “V” first became an internet sensation in the spring of 2011 with her stunning debut alongside Interscope recording artist, Timothy Bloom on his hit breakout ballad, “Til’ the End of Time” (The Budding Rose), which she co-wrote. The visually stunning video not only served as a preview of V’s powerhouse vocals, but also showcased her and Bloom’s striking beauty and flawless physiques by appearing nude together in the sensually artistic video.

V” will release her own vivid video for her single “POISON” in the coming weeks.

 Watch “The Visitor” :: Hear V’s New single “POISON”

Twitter: @ThatGirl_V :: Instagram: @VBozeman

Manager: Monica Payne :: Director: Javier Laval ::
Photographer: Justin Monroe

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